Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lucky Irish Wreath

Hi Everyone!

People seem to be having trouble welding in Design Space so I wanted to show you my wreath I made in Design Space and it is welded together and show you how I did it. The end I put the wreath together in High Speed.

Here is the video.

If you like my work and want my links to my project so you can cut them to please visit me here.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Design Space

Hi Everyone!

Design Space will be here in almost 24hours Live for everyone! Here is the Link cricut.com/Design 
Of So now if you have not seen my Design Space tutorial videos here they are in order of me making them, but remember I have been using Design Space in Beta. Design Space has changed a little but I mention that in the video. There has been minor changes the last few days as well.

This first video is a how to make a complex image into a cut file.

This next video is how to turn an easy image into a cut file.

Finding Images in Design Space

How to Weld, Attach and Group

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My First Time

Hi Everyone! Let me clarify my title, My first time turning on my new Cricut Explore. So those you looking for my other first time you can go to...Really? you think I'm going to tell you? Sorry ok now back to why we are here.
I am so excited, come to think of it, this is better than my first time. lol ok really, I finally got to cut with my Cricut Explore. I was surprised at how awesome the cuts came out I was actually trying to challenge the Explore and the Explore won! 
Here is the video of me turning it on for the first time and cutting these images out.

So much more to come. Design Space videos coming next!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Cricut Explore is Here

OMG! I am so excited! If you follow me on Facebook you know that already!

Hi Everyone!

My New Cricut Explore was on vehicle out for delivery to the salon I work in. It was Monday and we are not open on Mondays so I had to sit in salon by myself and wait. I sat at the front desk in a facebook group telling everyone it is on it's way, I was way to excited! I had to pee but was too afraid to leave the sight of the front door, did not want to miss him. 

I see the truck, it's here, I fumble for my phone and take a picture of the truck, I really don't know why, it's just a Fed Ex truck.  I open the door for my new baby to arrive. She is so beautiful. I ask the delivery man if I can take his picture, he says sure looks at me as if I was a little strange, as he should. I had to reposition the box so we could read the Cricut Explore on the box. lol.

I Instagramed, Tweeted and Facebooked the picture of my Fed Ex driver. I then tried to type to everyone in the FB group that my baby arrived and I could hardly type, I don't think I have ever been this excited ever! I know makes my life sound boring, but it's not, really!

I was so excited I recorded a little on the drive home. I put that in my vlog video. Here.

When I got home I recorded an unboxing video with 2 cameras so you can see my reaction. Here is that video. 
Here is a picture of my new baby.
Isn't she pretty?

Come back later for my first cut pictures and video.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Owl Birthday Card

Hi Everyone! I made this card in Cricur Craft Room Hopefuuly this is the last time I use Cricut Craft Room as I should be getting my New Cricut Explore on Monday!  Fingers Crossed!!!

I used the Owl from Create a Critter 2 and the balloons are from Close to my Heart Artiste Cartridge. I used twine and Aleene's tacky glue on the balloon strings. Inside I stamped Happy Birthday with  a Fiskers Rubber stamp on a multi-colored pigment ink pad from stampin up. Then at the last minute I decided to emboss the Happy Birthday with Silver sparkle embossing powered. Then I spilt the embossing powder on the floor and lost half of it, and it is my favorite one. It adds sparkle to it, but kinda hard to see here. I used glitter glue on the eye ;ashes and the accent on balloons.

Oh and the eyeballs came from Joanns, some one had asked me that.

Here is a video of me doing it.

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